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2 Million Windows Phone 7 Units Sold (Software)

Before we cover this next piece, let us explain: these units are Windows Phone 7 software sold to phone makers over the last quarter. So, Microsoft sold 2 million units of the new mobile OS to handset makers in the last quarter, a pretty strong performance. However, it remains to be seen how many units the device makers sold afterwards…

Still, WP7 lags behind Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, but it’s only just now starting to catch up. Microsoft licensed its technology to great brands like Samsung, LG and HTC and we’ve also found out that 6,500 apps are available for download right now in the online Marketplace.

If you compare these figures to the iPhone ones, know that Apple sold 16.2 million units in the last quarter, while RIM move 14.2 million units. Google is claiming that 300,000 Android devices are sold daily, so it’ll very hard to catch up… The first Windows Phone 7 update will greatly improved the OS, bringing it all the lacking features (copy/paste, multitasking, Adobe flash and more), so we expect the number of sold units to increase.