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Android 2.1 Gets RockPlayerBase Video Player, With Support for AVI, MKV, DivX

One of the major complaints of Android users till now was the lack of .avi and .divx playback. This issue seems to have been solved by the RockPlayerBase video player, supported on Android 2.1 and bringing XviD, DivX, MKV and RMVB playback on the platform, as claimed by soyandroide.

This app will vary in performance depending on the smartphone you’re using. It’ll rely mostly on how fast the CPU is, so Nexus One might be a good idea to run the software on. You can download it from here and feel free to comment on its performance in the Comments section below.

[via android community]

  • It’ll rely mostly on how fast the CPU is,

  • Harpy

    Why not just convert your videos with Handbrake and play with Act 1 which has a superior user experience?