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Android Continuous Growth, iOS Evolution Past BlackBerry and More Shown by ComScore Stats

comScore’s monthly smartphone stats are in, with the company reporting predictable results. Android for one is growing rapidly, while iOS passed RIM’s BlackBerry in April. Meanwhile, Windows Phone 7 doesn’t seem to be gaining market share, but rather losing it, going down 0.8% in April.

Android grew 1.7% in April, going from 34.7%  to 36.4%, while iOS stands on second place, reaching 26% up from 25.5% in March. This last move was enough to surpass BlackBerry, that dropped 1.4%, now being at 25.7%. Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Phone are now at 6.7% after the drop mentioned above, while HP’s webOS is already below the 5% share.

Analysts are saying that this OS probably won’t make it past Christmas, unless HP has something surprising to show. With the recent announcement of iOS 5, I can only see Apple’s platform growing in the future, although their latest platform looks a bit similar to Android, so that’s not quite a big plus for them.