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Android Readying to Surpass Apple… Anyone Noticed It?

This media craziness concerning Apple might be once again overhyped, since both the negative and positive coverage always tend to mention that Apple is selling tons of iPhone 4 units. Meanwhile, we’ve heard that “every day 160,000 Android devices are activated”, meaning that Google’s OS has got a 30k advantage over the iOS units.

Last we hard, Apple sold 3 million iPhone 4 units in a mere 23 day period, a pretty strong performance, but can we really compare it to the Android sales? We don’t even have the figures of the TOTAL Android unit sales… A short math calculus, turns the 3 million iPhones into more than 130,000 phones a day and guess what… Google is still on top.

We must also mention that from those 3 million units, 1.7 million were sold due to the initial frenzy, in the first 3 days, so the sales are slowing down. What’s the deal with the Apple coverage in the media these days? When will we hear some impressive Android numbers?