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Apple Gets Patent for Dual SIM Dual Standby System in China; Apple SIM May be Part of the System

Apple likes doing things its own way, we know as much and today we learn they may even perform the blasphemy of pulling off a dual SIM iPad or iPhone. The Cupertino firm recently got a patent for a dual SIM dual standby system, to be implemented on phones and maybe tablets too.


The patent comes from China, but a similar one was spotted a few months ago on other authorities, just as a dual SIM tray for the “iPhone 7” was leaked online. It didn’t come true, but what we remember from that older patent was a mention of the fact that using Apple’s tech, a device would be able to support two call using both SIMs at the same time.


This means you could alternate between the calls and the SIMs with no problem on a future iPhone… maybe. The whole system is said to include two antennae at least, plus two SIMs, a transmitter and two receivers. And since Apple likes doing things its own way, there’s talk of this technology relying on the Apple SIM, in tandem with a normal nano SIM.

The Apple SIM became popular on a series of cellular Apple tablets, like the iPad Air 2, Mini 3 or Mini 4 and it supports multiple carriers, which kind of defeats the purpose of a dual SIM device. Anyway, things are about to get interesting.