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Apple Wireless Charging Possible Via iMac or Macbook, Thanks to New Patented Technology

After the TouchStone at HP here comes an alternative wireless charging method, with Apple owning the patent for it. The name for this tech is “wireless power utilization in a local computing environment”. What this means is that in a certain range around an iMac or MacBook you’ll be able to charge all gadgets wirelessly.

The requirement for this process is that the handset/tablet stays within 3 feet of the computer and the technology employed for wireless charging is dubbed NFMR (Near Field Magnetic Resonance). This can be integrated into MacBook Pro models an iMacs easily, creating a one meter radius area of charging peripherals and gadgets.

With wireless syncing and wireless charging, the future is certainly a cordless one. Let’s see if the patent comes to live as a real technology soon enough.