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Dream G2 is a Chinese Handset, Exchanges Keyboard for Stylus

Dream G2 made in China? That’s got to spell “trouble”, as the first impression regarding this phone was that it’s in fact just another G1 clone and not a brand new device. However, this follow-up is as real as it gets and you can check out the brilliant interface of the G2 in the video below:

Although many of us were waiting for HTC to release the G2, the company will probably have to go with a different naming pattern now. Back to the Chinese Dream phone, notice that it uses a stylus, lacks a physical keyboard and bundles an “Android cute green robot” power source… for kicks.

We’re ready to bet that this is a handset that costs less than $200, but the down side of the Chinese device is that it may only be available in China, showing no love to other countries.

[via phandroid]