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Foxconn Employee Leaks Details About iPhone 5: 4+ Inch Display, Summer Launch

An insider source at Foxconn leaked some interesting details about the iPhone 5, including the fact that the device will be launched this summer and that it’s now preparing for production. The same employee mentions that sample devices are already floating around.

The common thing about these test units are the 4+ inch display made by LG, wider and longer design and no teardrop form factor, as claimed by previous rumors. None of the sample units have the iPhone 4/4S form factor and none of these handsets are final versions of the iPhone 5. iLounge also claims that the new handset made by Apple won’t adopt the teardrop design and it will have the 4 inch display rumored over the past year.

It appears that Apple is ready to get back to its usual launch pattern, with the new iPhone coming in summer, at WWDC. However, before you get suspicious about this info, know that this is the same source that was saying last year that we wouldn’t see an iPhone 5 in 2011, but rather an iPhone 4S model instead. So, this source know what it’s talking about…