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Howard Stern Dismisses Palm Pre; Goes for BlackBerry Bold

Howard Stern is a notorious Palm user, who decided that it’s uncool to have such an old handset and wanted something new and better. As a result, Palm sent him the new Pre for Stern to test it out.


The result was pretty bad for Palm: the famous satellite radio showman mentioned that the lack of support for Lotus Notes was a deal breaker and that he’d rather use a BlackBerry Bold. Also, he dismissed the Palm Pre handset after saying that the company needs to sell this device in order to keep going…

Bad move Palm…

[via rimarkable]

  • LOL. The thing is, if an ordinary person who knows squat about tech like Howard Stern has managed to be unimpressed with the Palm Pre, then what more would tech bloggers and reviewers think? Maybe that's why Palm is afraid to let a REAL reviewer get close with their Pre. The hype around their product would die down if a competent reviewer disses the pre.