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Intel MID Looks Promising, Could be a Concept Phone?

Designed by Jan Rytir, the beautiful concept handset below bears the simple name of “MID”, which makes integrating it in certain device segment quite tough. Mobile Internet Device? Smartphone? I guess that the features will give the verdict…


MID is based on the Intel Atom platform and it features a 47 button QWERTY keyboard, an ultra wide LCD touchscreen, 2 USB slots, an SD card reader and a docking connector. There’s also a trackball on its specs list, microphone and audio input, stereo speakers and 7 configurable action buttons.

The concept uses OLED technology and measures 180 x 80 x 20mm, making it quite a compact device. Plausible? Doable for Intel or any other manufacturer? What do you say?



[via Concept Phones]