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iPhone 3G Lands in Taiwan Via Chunghwa Telecom Next Week

iPhone 3G is headed towards Taiwan and it’ll land there on December 13th, as part of Chunghwa Telecom’s portofolio. The carrier will sell the handset with a 2 year contract and a monthly fee of $31, but the price of the device was not specified.

If you live in Taiwan and you want a free 8GB iPhone 3G, you’ll get it with a 2 year contract with a $76 monthly fee.

There’s also the possibility of buying the iPhone 3G from Chunghwa Telecom for about $800 with a prepaid number. Also, you should know that pre-sales of the phone started today and they’ll continue till December 10th.

The Taiwanese carrier claimed that it hopes to sell 50.000 units by March 2009.

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