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Judge Rules Against Ban of Samsung Products in the USA; Apple Loses a Battle!

Apple finally lost a battle against Samsung, that for a while there seemed cornered and attacked with all strength… While the South Korean company’s products are banned in Australia and Germany because of Apple lawsuits, at least the USA remains a virgin territory, open for business for the Galaxy Tab maker.

US judge Lucy Koh rejected the Apple filing to block Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets locally. The preliminary injunction is impossible, but the problem with Australia still remains. It has yet to be decided if Samsung will sell products before Christmas down under… Apple and Samsung have been going at each other’s throats since April this year, when the Cupertino giant sued the Asian company, claiming it infringes patents and violates its trademarks for product design.

No comment has yet been made available from Apple or Samsung, but I’m sure the Korean company rejoices that finally a point has been made. You can’t go around suing people because it APPEARS to you that they’ve been copying your design…