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Lamborghini Vertu Phone is Surreal, Almost Fancy

Welcome to yet another edition of “we clone your phones and combine brands chaotically”, made in China! This time we’re dealing with a mixup between the Lamborghini and Vertu brands and we can’t even call the handset a “clone”, since there’s no original device.


ASUS was planning on making a Lamborghini phone, but they cancelled it and you might know that there’s a Ferrari Vertu phone out there, but no trace of a Lambo’ one. We don’t even know is this handset will ever be produced, or if it’s just a concept, but one thing’s for sure: its quality is doubtable.

The specs make the entire affair clear and remind you that we’re dealing with a Chinese phone after all: 2.6 inch QVGA touchscreen, a media player, FM radio, a camera (unknown), Bluetooth, a 113 x 56 x 22 mm case and a total weight of 130 grams.

[via IntoMobile]