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LG Genesis Dual Screen Phone Also Packs a Physical Keyboard, Runs Android

This may not be the first dual screen Android phone, since we’ve got the Kyocera Echo out there, but this is certainly among the first with a QWERTY keyboard AND dual displays. LG Genesis is the phone we’re talking about and I don’t even want to think about the thickness and weight of this device…

The dual screen form factor seems to be trendy now, with Kyocera Echo, out there, Sony announcing a dual screen tablet and who knows what other company getting ready to adopt this form factor. LG Genesis takes a different approach, not merging both screens into a single display, but rather keeping them separate. This is a clamshell phone with an outer touchscreen and a second display in the inner side of the clamshell, facing the keyboard.

This device was previously supposed to reach Verizon as LG EnV Pro, but now it’s dubbed LG Genesis and it will be hitting U.S. Cellular. Its specs include Android 2.2, a 1GHz CPU, a 3.5 inch touchscreen with a WVGA resolution (outer) and the inner one with a 3.2 inch diagonal and WVGA resolution. There’s also a 5MP camera on board.