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LG VX9600 Versa Gets Pictured, Virtual Keyboard On Board

LG VX9600 Versa is the hottest and most original device since modu and it turns out that aside from its modular physical QWERTY keypad, it’ll also pack a virtual keyboard. This will be shown on the main module’s screen, as you can see in the freshly leaked picture below:


Versa’s on-screen keyboard will be present in the browser, notepad and while texting and using various apps. This feature will include “.com”, “@”, comma and period buttons, plus colored “Clear”, “Done” and “Shift” keys. LG VX9600’s virtual keypad will use pop-up letters, just like on the Dare handset or on the iPhone, but more on this device once Mobile World Congress 2009 starts.

[via Boy Genius Report]

  • McKenzie Harris

    Yes, my name is McKenzie. I have an lg versa vx9300 and my friend dropped it in the pool. It works but my power key doesn't so i cant turn it on with out the chager. I was wondering how much is the same phone on your website?