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Mitac MID Incorporates Tegra Chipset

Mitac’s MID prototype has just been showcased and it seems that this device incorporates an NVIDIA Tegra chipset and it runs Windows CE. Also, this product resembles Mobinnova’s smartbook quite a look, mostly because of its features.


Windows CE runs with a custom interface on top and you should know that the MID supports 720p media playback, comes with output options (HDMI jack and TV tuner) and a competitive price. The battery life and form factor will also contribute to the appeal of the device and we found out that Mittac plans to sell the product with a fold out case/ keyboard combo.

Too bad that the device has no official name yet, but at least we can scratch one more NVIDIA Tegra-based gadget on our list, so it’s cool.


[via Engadget]