Max Payne Mobile Review: Excellent Blast From the Past (Video)

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  • 18 Dec 2012
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  • Back when we tested the Samsung Galaxy S III we had a bit of fun with the Max Payne Mobile title, a remake of the original Max Payne game, brought to the Android world. The game has a price tag of $3 and it was remade by Rockstar itself. It has the classic bullet time mode and it even gets Xperia Play compatibility.


    Since this is Max Payne, we’re dealing with a third person shooter, with graphics that have been enhanced from the 2001 original version. You can move the virtual controls all over the screen, as you please. Gamers can press a bullet time button and slow down time, enough to jump around shooting foes in slow mo and seeing bullets slowly splitting the air is truly a delight on the Galaxy S III. You’ll use dual pistols, a machine gun, a shotgun and even a molotov cocktail or two.

    The atmosphere is dark and gloomy, just like in the original game and the voice acting and story are top notch. You should also know that your bullet time power bar is limited and will run out eventually. However, it will get charged when you kill an enemy. The aim is decent in the game, especially considering there’s a sort of auto aim enabled when you play for the first time. If you switch that off, the game becomes impossible to play. Lighting effects are superb and so is the background music, so it’s well worth the 1.4 GB of storage the game takes up.

    This title gets a 9 out of 10 from us and you can download it from here.

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