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Motorola Droid 3 Leaked Pics Reveal 4 Inch Display, Bigger Droid

We’ve been hearing a lot about Motorola this week, with its quarterly revenues revealed and info about Droid Bionic popping up. Now it turns out that Moto Droid 3 was also leaked, if we’re to believe the compared images below. The leak comes from OEM parts retailer Global Redirects Parts.

Supposedly, the device comes with a 4 inch display and is a bigger Droid than its predecessors. What’s strange is that the retailer with the leak mistakenly calls this handset the Motorola Targa, making us wonder if the Droid 3 isn’t in fact the Droid Bionic. Last we heard, Droid 3 was codenamed Solana…

Verizon and Motorola are officially denying the existence of this new Droid model, but these pics show quite the contrary… What do you think? No other specs available, aside from what you see here.