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Motorola Wants 2.25% of iPhone Sales in Exchange for Patent Use

Remember when Motorola sued Apple for some patents and even managed to have their products banned in Germany for a couple of hours? Well, the ban part took place this week, but it quickly ended, as Apple knew to work with the situation and postpone their doom. Now, Motorola wants 2.25% of Apple iPhone sales for patent use.

This info came up in a legal brief written by Apple’s attorneys in Germany and they seem to say that Motorola Mobility is seeking the above mentioned percentage out of the sales. FOSS Patents is the source of the info and they claim that a single patent is the subject of discussion here. Apple wants to prove to the court that the figure requested is too high, using the precedent of the Qualcomm – Motorola deal. The lawyers also want to look into Motorola’s contracts with other companies, to see if they’re charging Apple extra or not.

For now, the Cupertino giant was allows to contact LG, HTC, Ericsson and Nokia to check out their licensing deals. If Moto would really get what they want, that would meant they’ll receive $15 for each 16GB iPhone 4S sold, $17 for each 32GB unit and $21 for each 64 GB unit. If you take into account the fact that Apple sold over 93 million iPhones last year. That would make a pretty good payday for Moto, provided that it comes through…