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New Meizu Flagship Gets Detailed: 6 Inch Quad HD screen, 4 GB RAM

The Meizu MX5 Pro is said to have been scrapped, but this doesn’t mean that another flagship level device isn’t coming soon enough. The new model is said to be a massive phablet, with a 6 inch screen, Quad HD resolution and 4 GB of RAM.


It’s also speculated that it will have a 7.2 mm thick metal body, as well as a touch Home button. A 4100 mAh battery should be in the mix, too and just like we’ve heard before, a Samsung Exynos 7420 processor will be in the mix. That news comes as an odd piece, seeing how MediaTek invested in Meizu and seemed to be a favourite to provide chipsets for their devices.

Anyway, know that this mystery newcomer is supposed to have a 20.7 megapixel back camera, with OIS and 6 lenses. HiFi acoustics and most likely a fingerprint scanner will also be in the mix. I suppose Meizu won’t showcase this at IFA, but rather during a separate event in China.


via mobile dad