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Nexus One Available via Third Party Retail Channels for Big Bucks

In case you forgot, Google went out and announced that they’ll quit selling Nexus One via their online store, opting instead for cooperation with retailers and carriers. Independent retailer i Wireless has just started offering a couple of Android devices, including the Nexus One, fitting right in with the above mentioned plans.

For now, none of the 4 main American carriers intend to sell the product, but the interesting thing is that i Wireless is a T-Mobile affiliate, so this could mean something. Courtesy of this affiliation, you’ll get the handset for $299.95 on contract after rebate, which is much more than the usual $179 Google charges for the phone.

While Google restricted you to the Even More 500 plan to get the subsidy, i Wireless’ offer will allow you to choose almost any plan from T-Mobile’s portofolio.

[via Engadget]