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Nexus One Tries to Run Ice Cream Sandwich…. Not So Good With It Right Now (Video)

The good old Nexus One won’t go away without a fight, so there we have it running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, although with a few hiccups. Thanks to developer drl33tmd the OS reached the old school handset and runs, but without some of the important features.

What’s missing is WiFi, audio support and much of the connectivity, while the experience is plagued by lag and not a very comfortable way of input. Everything is sluggish, but this is something to build upon in the following days and weeks. I wonder if the Nexus One twin, HTC Desire will get the same treatment, since both models have similar specs and they can run the same software.

Getting Android 4.0 to run in a decent way on the Nexus One would be a breakthrough, both for this handset and other similar models. Don’t expect to get the software on poorer phones, such as HTC ChaCha and Wildfire S though…