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Nokia Aeon is Back, as the Chinese Clone GZT 650

Remember the Nokia Aeon lookalike GZT 650 we saw in the movie “Echelon Conspiracy”? Turns out that such a handset exists, but it’s a Chinese clone of a Nokia device that doesn’t even exist. The model goes for $111, with shipping included and its specs list is available below.


Said clone phone supports GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) connectivity and it packs a Li-Ion battery that should provide 360 minutes of talk time or 300 hours of standby. A TFT/TFT LCD Display is also on board, supporting 320 x 320 pixels resolution and the device also incorporates a 312 MHz Intel PXA270 processor and 2GB of memory.


  • shaqi

    i love this phone i wish i have it

  • shaqi

    i love this phone i wish i have it

  • fhe

    i love this phone, i am actually interested of buying this phone. could you let me know how. could you email me back at thanks

  • Lux

    I know its an amazing phone, i love the sleek design and features on it, if anyone interested in one i suggest you check out… they offer free ship

  • blankmiss

    Hey somebody let me know where I can get this phone website or store pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!! I will be very happy islf somebody does just email me