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Nokia Lumia 900 Confirmed by Swisscom, Coming to Europe in February

Nokia Lumia 900 has been in the news a lot over the past weeks and even before Nokia World 2011, where the other two Lumias were announced. This mode was supposed to be a 4.3 inch smartphone with a design similar to the one of the Lumia 800, but in a bigger version. And now we get confirmation about the launch time frame of the product straight from Switzerland.

Swiss carrier Swisscom let the info out by mistake, saying that the Lumia 900 will come at the end of February. Of course, they could have spelled the phone’s name wrong, or it can be a misunderstanding, but the info sounds pretty solid. It was rumored the this device would also come to the USA together with the Lumia 800 and 710, making it a triplet launch. People close to the matter have said that LTE could be expected on this new phone, as well as a front camera.

Meanwhile, when asked to comment on this rumor and confirmation, a Nokia spokesperson said that this is all market rumor or speculation, so nothing to confirm 100% at this time. A bigger Nokia Lumia 800 sounds good, especially if there are other improvements as well, not only the size. It’s not very likely we’ll see a resolution bump, or a increase in CPU performance, but here’s to wishful thinking…