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Nokia Promises Bonuses to Employees Working on MeeGo, Also Meeting Deadlines

We’ve heard about the Nokia employees protesting when they found out about the Nokia – Microsoft partnership, but now there’s a rumor floating around that tells us of a good attitude of the company’s officials towards the employees. Turns out that bonuses will be given if MeeGo is completed on time.

Considering that Windows Phone is now the main platform for Nokia, while Symbian has 2 years to live and MeeGo is irrelevant, it’s hard to keep developers motivated right now. Job cuts were also announced, but rumors in a Finnish newspaper say that MeeGo developers will get a 50% higher bonus if they stay at Nokia and meet their deadlines.

These are set for end of July, end of September and end of 2011. If the employees leave before any of three time frame endings, they’ll lose the extra bonus. I guess that Intel is always in need of some good MeeGo developers anyway…