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Nokia Rebels Threaten the “Empire”: They Want New Leaders and MeeGo Back

“A group of nine young Nokia shareholders” as they call themselves have decided to save the Finnish company from its decay. They see the Microsoft alliance as a bad thing plan to do something about it. That “something” includes a plan that you can see below and involvement in the activity of the Nokia Board of Directors.

Their agenda includes returning to the company’s roots and these crucial decisions:

– discharging of Stephen Elop from the position of CEO and Nokia president. A new CEO will be appointed, one with international experience
– the Microsoft alliance will be kept, but only as an activity focused on the North American public segment. Windows Phone will only be on one or two phones
– MeeGo will become the primary Nokia smartphone platform
– Symbian will live at least another 5 years
– developer strategy will be based on Qt and focused on MeeGo
– 90% of Nokia’s research and development will take place in Finland and in a later defined location
– R&D won’t be outsourced any more

By following these steps, do you think Nokia will manage to be the ruler of the handset market again?