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Nokia Windows Phone Smartphone Coming to Europe This Year!

Nokia’s very first Windows Phone handset might be closer than we image, since there have been many leaks about it lately. One of them claims that the Windows Phone 7 Mango device will debut in 6 European countries this year and yesterday one of Nokia’s employees talked about this model “blowing our socks off”.

Victor Saeijs, Nokia Europe VP mentioned Netherlands as one of the first 6 nations to get the Nokia Windows Phone unit in 2011. The official had a small speech during the 2011 Mobile Telecompaper conference and mentioned the upcoming product. In Netherlands, smartphones stand for 80% of the handset market, so it’s a very good place to start with a new smartphones.

Other countries that will serve as the test ground for the newcomer are Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the UK. Now let’s see a proper launch date!