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Nokia World 2011 to Be the Company’s Biggest Event This Year; Taking Place in London in October

Nokia World 2011 is still on for this year, in spite of the company’s drop in market share and share value. Last we heard, the Nokia Connection 2011 gathering taking place on June 21 was supposed to be the biggest event this year for the Finns, but now the one in October gets a bigger importance.

While Nokia Connection is a part of CommunicAsia (in Singapore), Nokia World is a standalone event taking place in London. What you see above is a Nokia/Symbian app competition by Movistar Equador, awarding a trip to Nokia World as the main prize. They say that the trip will take place on September 7th, but that must be a mistake, since the event is in October… or is it?

By October we can say that the first Windows Phone made by the Nordic company might be ready, even if in prototype phase. If not, there’s always the N9 with MeeGo…