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o2 XDA Flint Hits the o2 Website! Available Now!

o2 XDA Flint has just been made available on the o2 website, as you can see right here. If the device doesn’t sound familiar to you, know that it’s a version of the HTC Advantage, packing WiFi, GPS, a 3 megapixel camera and 16GB of internal memory.

For the browsing duties you’ll use Opera, while the specs of the device also include a detachable QWERTY keyboard, quad-band connectivity and a 5 inches screen. As far as design goes, you can consider this a mini-laptop and the perfect tool for document editing, in case you’re a traveling workaholic.

Its 2100 mAh battery provides enough juice for 300 hours of standby time and powers a Marvell PXA270 CPU (624 MHz) plus an ATI graphic chip.

[via coolsmartphone]