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OnePlus 3 Supposed Leaked Image Shows Dual Camera, Fingerprint Scanner at the Back

With the OnePlus X recently launched and the OnePlus 2 only a few months old, it’s premature to start talking about the OnePlus 3, right? Well, wrong, since the device has just leaked apparently, straight out of China.


We take this leak with a big old grain of salt, particularly since these renders remind me of some of the OnePlus 2 concepts leaked ahead of that model’s launch. Published by, a source with pretty good track record, the pictures unveil a dual camera at the back of the phone, an unibody soft touch design and a fingerprint scanner at the back.


The edges are rounded and the case seems to be made of plastic. An odd aspect here is the fact we’re getting dual speakers at the bottom and in spite of that there’s still a slit below the display, as if it had a front side set of speakers. We expected such leaks to begin early next year, but we’ve already heard that OnePlus was working on the next flagship, so we can’t say we’re surprised. Once again, assume it’s fake.