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Porsche Design BlackBerry P9981 Reaches the FCC, Dissected in Front of Camera

The luxury fashion phone from Porsche Design and RIM, BlackBerry P9981 has just reached the FCC, with the associated teardown pic available below. We’re dealing here with a precious handset, with an unique design, that sells for about $2000 in places such as Dubai.

This angular smartphone was launched back in December and it comes with a forged stainless steel frame and a hand wrapped leather back cover. There’s also a sculpted QWERTY keyboard to give the phone a more refined air and something that RIM called a “crystal clear touch display”. The device comes with BlackBerry OS 7 and with an exclusive Porsche Design UI with a bespoke Wikitude World Browser augmented reality app.

As far as specs go, we got a 1.2GHz processor, HD video recording capabilities, 8GB of internal memory and Liquid graphics technology. NFC is included among the specs and it appears this unit will be available in a limited number of units when it launches.