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Qisda QCM-330, a Promising Smartphone From the Ex BenQ Company

Formerly known as BenQ and now Qisda, the company making the handset in the image on the left has all the promise in the world. After all, we’re dealing with a device packing a 4 inch widescreen display and 3.5G connectivity.

The handset is dubbed Qisda QCM-330 and it’s a multimedia smartphone with WiFi, the above mentioned touchscreen (with a 1:1.25 aspect ratio) and full Internet browsing. Scrolling, zooming and rotating photos via the same screen is supported and the interface on board is very intuitive.

QCM-330 comes with an accelerometer, video playback support (hopefully HD) and an impressive design, based on a metallic look and a surface that’s got good grip. Qisda is proving to be a promising company for now, but the future will tell us more.