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Samsung and Google Postpone Galaxy Nexus Launch Out of Respect for Steve Jobs

Although to me it seems like just an excuse, Samsung and Google announced that they postponed the Samsung Unpacked event from next week. The reason? Paying a tribute to Steve Jobs and not wanting to ruin it for everybody.

Of course, their surprise of the Galaxy Nexus Prime was greatly spoiled by the leak of a video and pics of the device yesterday. What’s really bizzare is that now we have to wait even more for Android Ice Cream Sandwich and turns out that both the OS and the Nexus Prime will be unveiled in the same day as the Nokia World debut.

It was usually HTC that held events in the same town and the same day, even hour as Nokia, but it seems that the habit runs in the family… Android family. However, it’s a good thing that Samsung and Google care so much about the very respected Steve Jobs to wait for a while before launching an iPhone 4S killer…