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Samsung and LG May Release 1080p Display Phones in the First Half of 2013

With HTC’s announcement of a 1080p phone last week, that floodgates were open and I expect many more device makers to follow their example. Right now we’ve got Oppo and HTC with 1080p 5 inch devices and Pantech is also preparing one, but it appears that LG and Samsung may release their own Full HD handsets early next year.

LG has already shown a 5 inch prototype and HTC proposes the J Butterfly model, a 5 inch 1080p phablet/phone. Samsung Display and LG Display are probably hard at work to come up with rivaling technologies to rule in 2013. Sammy may stick to AMOLED, while LG will rely on its LCD prototype and HTC is all about its new SLCD3. I can’t really tell if Samsung will decide to keep the 1080p panel for the Galaxy S IV or launch a fresh model in early 2013, at MWC or CES.

Some may have expected the Galaxy Note II to debut such a screen, but instead it stuck with 720p, not even 1280 x 800 like the Galaxy Note 1. So, is LG going to announce a first Full HD phone yet again, since they also announced the first quad core and dual core phone? Or will Samsung beat them to it? I’m talking about an international device here, so HTC’s Butterfly doesn’t count…