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Samsung Galaxy Note Gets Unboxed – Can’t Tell If It’s a Smartphone of Tablet (Video)

Well, technically anything above 4.7 inches is a tablet… and considering the 5 inch Dell Streak was marketed as a tablet, things are clear. Or are they? Samsung blurs the line between smartphone and slate with its new Galaxy Note that our sister site is reviewing for us too. Here’s the unboxing experience.

We’re dealing with a 5.3 inch smartphone here, one able to make voice calls and packing a stylus at the back, for pen input sake. The Samsung Galaxy Note looks and feels like a bigger Galaxy S II and inside its box we found the battery, manuals, microUSB cable, headphones and the usual charger. The device feels huge in the palm of the user and it will take a while to get used to holding it next to the ear for making calls.

Also, the plastic battery cover is flimsy and looks fragile, just like on the Galaxy S II. Android 2.3 is the OS of choice on this model, covered with the TouchWiz software layer and bringing some pen-oriented apps to the user that actually wants to put the stylus to the test. And here’s the video unboxing, folks: