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Samsung Gives You a Free Galaxy S Handset if Your iPhone 4 Isn’t Working!!

Wired UK informs us that Samsung is pulling a very nifty (payback) promotion, that provides free Galaxy S handsets to people complaining about their iPhone 4 units. At least Tiffany, the girl mentioned in the tweet below got one and we’ve heard that more British Twitter users will receive such treats.

The thing is that 4 UK users kept talking about iPhone 4 issues online and a fifth wanted to pick between the HTC Desire, iPhone 4 and Galaxy S. If you’re already rushing to tweet your iPhone-related frustrations, keep in mind that Samsung is only gunning towards Twitter accounts with a bit of influence, for cheap publicity.

Tiffany, for example works in Digital Marketing for Cond√© Nast, which is, believe it or not, Wired’s parent company. That’s an original way for Samsung to pay back Apple for that nasty criticism towards other phone makers’ antenna issues.

[via Engadget]