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Samsung Hercules is an Improved Galaxy S II for T-Mobile USA?

Believe it or not, Samsung is not satisfied with the Galaxy S II and wants to surpass is performance through a new device. Apparently, this model is codenamed Hercules and developed specifically for T-Mobile USA. The launch date is placed in mid-August, if everything goes OK.

The handset is believed to feature a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus display with WVGA resolution, Android 2.3 and a 1.2GHz dual core Qualcomm APQ8060 CPU. Also, connectivity-wise, you’ll get up to 24Mbps HSPA and AWS, while the memory will be 1GB of ROM and the same quantity of RAM. An 8MP camera with full HD Video capture and a 1750mAh battery complete the specs list of this Galaxy S II with minor improvements.

Surprisingly enough, the device is supposed to cost around $350, but if this applies to a 2 year plan, it’s really huge…