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Samsung Nexus Prime Passes the FCC, Shows AT&T, World Bands Support

After the whole debacle with yesterday’s leak of the Nexus Prime live pictures, screenshots and video, now we have to wait two more weeks till the device launches. Fortunately, we have a FCC filing to keep us warm, for the very same handset.

Dubbed the Samsung GT-I9250, the phone just passed the FCC, showing us a GSM version with support for AT&T, world band and T-Mobile. BGR is reporting that the only version of the new Nexus will launch and it will be called Droid Prime, as confusing as that seems. Apparently, this is a Verizon exclusive, but with that AT&T and T-Mobile support here we can’t really confirm that.

Also, leaked specs tend to contradict each other, so there’s not even a clear idea on what the diagonal of this device’s supposed 720p screen will be. It could be that Samsung is not only preparing the Nexus Prime, but also a second Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone, one meant for Verizon and bearing the Droid branding. Hopefully, CTIA will clear this mess up…