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Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) Updated to Froyo Today! Samsung Epic 4G… Not Yet

Let’s rejoice, T-Mobile USA users! Today is the day when you’ll all get Android 2.2 Froyo on your Samsung vibrant units (aka the US Samsung Galaxy S on T-Mobile). Meanwhile, Sprint just announced its commitment to releasing the same OS on its version of the Galaxy S, the Epic 4G.

Also, there’s the Fascinate on Verizon and Captivate on AT&T, in case you want to get the full picture of the Galaxy S expansion. Should we mention that the Europeans have been playing with Froyo on their Galaxy S units for a while now? What’s the deal with this lack of love for the States? Nokia just cancelled the X7, Android is hard to release at the same pace as the European versions… so? What’s the discrimination about?

Thank God for unofficial ROMs though…