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Sharp Aquos Clamshell Phone Reaches the FCC, Complete With Android 2.3, 16MP Camera

Sharp Aquos Hybrid 007sh is a clamshell phone with Android 2.3 that was indented for Japan initially and now it has reached the FCC for testing purposes and approval. This Android device comes with an impressive 16MP camera and we must also mention that it’s a waterproof handset.

At the inside we find a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and the form factor allows the phone to swivel its touchscreen, if you prefer it that way. The touch display is 3.4 inches in diagonal and for the right price this model could become a hit. The thing is that I’m not sure anyone still wants to use clamshell devices any more…

At least you can pretend it’s a normal touch smartphone by swiveling the screen at 180 degrees.