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Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot Series Returns With an Android Smartphone; Here’s the First Leaked Image

Predictably enough, after Sony Ericsson announced two new Walkman models (the rebranded Xperia X8 now called W8 and a model for China), it’s time for the Cyber-shot series to return. What you have below is a blurry-cam shot of the new device, although we could still be dealing with a fake.

This is probably an Android device, if we have a good look at the keys beneath the large touchscreen display and supposedly there’s also a Cyber-shot logo in that area. No info on the specs of this device, but we’re pretty sure there’s a Xenon flash in the mix and one can only hope for a camera with optical zoom and maybe a 16MP sensor.

Also, we’d appreciate the Honeycomb interface for the camera, since we loved it on devices such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1v…