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Sony Ericsson Nan, Probably the First Facebook Phone in the World

After checking out that beautiful Sony Ericsson San concept, we get to see another one of WhiteEye’s creations, the FaceBook phone, Sony Ericsson Nan. This is a concept phone that comes with YouTube, Blogger, Myspace, Friendster and Facebook support and widget customization, so you’ll be toying with social networking all day.


Nan is a mid-end phone that features a 5.1 megapixels camera, Android OS, aGPS, Google Chrome, Picasa for Android and a 3 inch TFT multitouch display (320 x 480 pixels). There’s also a secondary VGA camera on the specs list as for the main one, it uses a photo flash.

Turns out that this concept phone will be using the full version of the Chrome browser, which is a great idea, but will probably take a while to implement.


[via Concept Phones]