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Sony Ericsson W907 Concept Features… a “Wife”; Say What?

Yes, we know that it’s not funny to laugh at someone’s typo, that will probably get fixed anyway, but it turns out that this concept phone features, among others a “wife”. Of course, it’s the common WiFi feature, with a wrong letter at the end, but it’s still enough to make some of us smile.


Sony Ericsson W907 is a concept phone created by Esato board user JOJO2531 and it comes with 3.2 inch multitouch display, 32GB of memory, a 5MP autofocus camera and the Walkman 4.0 player. aGPS, WiFi, HSDPA and PlayNow Arena Plus round up the specs of the device.

W907 looks more like a HTC or a Toshiba smartphone, than a Sony Ericsson handset, but I guess that this design trend is fancy enough to be followed, by more than one company.

[via Concept Phones]