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Steve Jobs Avenue Unveiled in Brazil, It’s the Address of the Foxconn Plant in Jundiai

Steve Jobs was honored not so long ago with some memorial days and even a statue in Europe and now Brazil also pays its respects through an avenue bearing the name of the famous Apple guru. The Steve Jobs Avenue was named after the Apple main man, who passed away last year. The idea of this avenue’s name was proposed last year in October, one day after Jobs’ passing and it was approved on March 27th this year.

This avenue is situated in the town of Jundiai, in southeast Brazil, where there’s also a Foxconn factory, with the address exactly on the Steve Jobs street. The previous name of the avenue was Miguel Moubadda Haddad, a former mayor of Jundiai and you must know that this is a connection point between Jundiai and Sao Paulo. The Foxconn plant in Brazil already makes iPhones in Jundiai and iPads will soon be produced there as well… Another aspect that you need to know is that Brazil is the country with the highest prices for Apple products on the entire globe. A price comparison website in Germany says that Brazilians pay an average of 28% more on Apple products than any other nation in the world.

The problem is the high number of taxes, the import tariffs and charges like the ICMS, plus the social security taxes of around 9%, so it all adds up to a large sum of money. Now, with the iPads and iPhones being made in Brazil, you’d say the prices would go down, but these units are for export only. Well, when they do decided to ship them locally, prices will HAVE to go lower…