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Supposed iPhone 7 Prototype Leaked in Poorly “Directed” Clip, Apparently Out of Foxconn (Video)

Have you heard of the movie “Out of Compton”? How about “Out of Foxconn”? Well, the latter is pretty much the production below, a so called leaked video that’s supposed to show an iPhone 7 prototype. Odds of it being real are not even 1%, but let’s dissect it first.

iphone 7 leak 2

It’s like the makers of the vid are trying too hard to make this seem like it was made in a Foxconn plant. First we see a person with white gloves handling the phone, as if he/she’s in a hurry and then towards the end we can hear someone yelling “Hey!”, as if the employee was caught red handed somehow and was off limits.

iphone 7 leak 1

There’s also a bit of Foxconn logo popping up when the shouting is heard. Also, the iPhone 7 prototype looks ridiculous. It has edge to edge bezels, seems to be made of monoblock piece of metal, a shiny one for that matter and ditches the Home button. The main camera is now centered and doesn’t have a flash, which is yet another radical change from previous Apple designs.

We’ve seen leaks from Foxconn before, but this is certainly not it. Or is it… ?

via Phone Arena