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Vietnamese Book Apps Strike Again; Strangely Behaving Software Spotted in App Store

Developer and blogger Alex Brie continues investigating the story we detailed here, concerning the strange evolution of some Vietnamese book apps in the App Store. This time, he provides a screenshot taken with the aid of a web app focused on iPhone developers, AppAnnie. It indexes daily all the apps on the Store and the top rankings.

We find out that a certain developer entered the App Store on a low ranking and jumped to spot #100 very fast. In no time he even reached the #9 spot and was there for part of May and the entire month of June.

If you make a quick math calculus, you’ll figure out that if the developer needs at least 100 sales per day to stay in top 10 and then you multiply that by $4.99 (the cost on an app) and multiply again, with 41 apps (behaving strangely), you’ll get around $20000 per day in earnings.

That means you’ll get $1 million in no time, thanks to strangely behaving software, for a single developer that is. It’s pretty easy to figure out that the Top Grossing paid books in the US are owned by a similar bunch of Vietnamese apps, once again with strange names and behaviour.

[via alexbrie]