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Windows Phone Event Teased in NYC through Huge Panel

Microsoft has got a big event scheduled for tomorrow in New York and it’s all about Windows Phone this time. They’re teasing the event with a 40 ft Windows Phone panel that you can see below being placed in the Herald Square of the Big Apple.

Among the people present we’ll see Joe Belfiore and Andy Less from Microsoft, taking part in a mini press event, followed by the “big thing” in NYC. It might be a local unveiling of the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 710 or maybe even that rumored Nokia 900 Ace, with its supposed 4.3 inch display. Of course, it could also be a preview of Windows Phone Tango…

The huge panel makes me think about the millions of dollars that MS put on the table and promised to use to promote the Nokia phones with WP7. It would be about time to start advertising the product, don’t you think? What do you imagine we’ll see tomorrow?