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ZTE V5 Newcomer Revealed by Hands on Leak, Features Metal Body, Fingerprint Scanner

Because three phones are never enough, ZTE plans on following the Axon D6 Blade and the Boost Max+ with another handset. Dubbed ZTE V5, the newcomer adopts an alloy body and a fingerprint scanner, judging by the hands on pics below.


This model feels familiar name-wise, since we’ve already seen a V5 earlier this year, with a plastic body. This is a more refined version of the handset, with a rounded body and a round fingerprint scanner placed below the screen. The device doesn’t have a clear naming pattern, aside from the V5 thing, which is the name of the series.

It’s going to launch on July 29th and only cost $144 in China, according to rumors. V5 brings an unibody design, a single LED flash and sadly we don’t have a word on its specs just yet. We’re guessing there’s a 5.5 inch screen in the mix, probably a HD one and 2 GB of RAM, plus a MediaTek or Qualcomm CPU.




via gizchina