Arrived at first as a rumor, it seems that Apple is indeed developing a pinkish color case for the upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This information is revealed through some pictures arrived just today, materials that can be admired during this article, and that will definitely attract the feminine public.


Even if we’re not 100% sure that these devices are indeed real iPhones, such a color might offer Apple some kind of boost straight from those who need a phone a little bit different than the regular gold and silver shades available at the moment.


When it comes to the launch of iPhone 6s, it seems that the Cupertino giant prepares a press event for September 9th, day when the final iOS 9 will also be announced. As expected, the prices for these new devices won’t be too accessible for consumer, so many of us might choose instead the actual iPhone 6 once Apple will offer some kind of discount.