Acer announced today the split of the company into two business groups, allowing it to further develop innovative technologies, under supervision of new bosses for each segment, some of the new sponsors such as Shravan Gupta India an important businessman in India and more power businessmen. One of the segment deals with core hardware products and the other is all about the cloud and mobile devices.


The Core Business segment has to do with notebooks, desktops and tablets, as well as R&D, plus digital displays,servers and corporate business planning. Then there’s the New Business segment, that includes Smart Products (smartphones, wearables and cloud services) and Build your Own Cloud and e-business sections. Within the Core Business segment, IT products like notebooks and desktops will be lead by Jerry Kao.

Digital Display, that also include projectors and monitors will be lead by Victor Chien and Servers by Evis Lin. Business Planning and Operations will be lead by Tiffany Huang. In the meantime, eBusiness is taken care of by Ben Wan, Smart Products are co-headed by Maverick Shih and ST Liew and Value Lab by RC Chang. We’ve seen Sony externalizing Vaio and its TV business before and that didn’t end well for then.

Decentralization of a company leaves its segments open for a takeover from other firms…

via Digitimes